Wednesday, 19 October 2016

behind the door

Two archaeologist are wondering in the woods when they stumble across this house. They go to see who’s in there. They walk into gether and there is ancient stuff everywhere they grab what they can get but kate accidentally opened a ancient bottle that summons a woman that has amazing powers. but she needs to take over a body so she can take over the world. She take over kate and her name is the enchantress. The other archaeologist has the enchantresses brother in the other bottle. The enchantress gets the bottle and opens it. Her brother takes over smith now they can rule the world. The get to new york and they are already tearing up the place. It's the end of humanity no won can stop them now every nation came to help but it didn’t work. Her spell is complete now the darkness start to spread. There is no more men, women, child’s and baby’s. The world is taken over. the end.

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  1. Hi there our names are Caysel and Zavier we are from may road school
    and we are in room 14. We like how you know this story from the beginning to the end and this story made us think we were in the book
    and if you want to know more about us copy and past this my classes one Zaviers one Caysels one