Friday, 24 August 2018

Move ya body task

Last week we accomplished the skill of juggling with three balls. Now this week we are learning a new skill but we have to think of one and try to learn the skill. I am in a group of three with Kaden and Latu. As a group we are learning to scooter. We will be trying to learn tricks on the scooter and try and accomplish the skill. It would be difficult to learn tricks but i'll try and achieve that skill.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Fia fia night

for Fia fia my group was the driving donkeys the rock band of Pt England School. First went up the senior Kapa Haka group then the driving donkeys. the driving donkeys played smells like teen spirit by nirvana and for me it was really nerve wracking for me cause i'm not used to being up on stage with a lot of people watching me. its was me, junior, king, Skye, Tehillah and justice in the school rock band group. that's they end for this post. bye.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Short random writing

One morning I was a homeless lady called Esster and I stayed like that for the rest of my life. At a junkyard collecting what I call treasure. I lived in a 15 cardboard box bedroom. Every morning I wake up to the smell mouldy cheese and rotten bananas. You do not know how much stinky stuff people throw into the bin but luckily I am used to the smell. One day I quickly walked to 15 cardboard box bedroom because I found some choped up wood and 2 packets of matches and 3 canned beans. I thought that it was a good idea but then I thought that it will burn the junkyard down but I said "what the hell i'm hungry". And I did burn the junkyard down. THEY END.

Old writing

Pt England School had their 10th annual manaiakalani film festival. Since 2007 we’ve had the manaiakalani film festival were we have to make a film which can be a comedy, safe environment film or how to achieve your best. I’m a year 7 at Pt England School. My name is Lenard. Each class has to create a film at Pt England School. My class film was a slowwwwww mmmooo comedy film. My teacher Mr Wisemen thought that we should find out what happens to your face or your stomach when you throw a water balloon at it. And while watching the film that we made you will see something and say “that's cool”.When you pop a water balloon with a pin you will see that the water will stay there for a little bit then the water will fall. You learn something everyday that’s a fact. Anyway there are lots of other schools that participate in the manaiakalani film festival. The manaiakalani cluster are Panmure Bridge, Glenbrae School, Tamaki Primary, St Plus X, Tamaki College, Stonefields and more. Well that’s the end of my manaiakalani film festival writing. I’ve told you about my class film. I’ve told you the manaiakalani cluster. I’ve told you about the annual film festival. So that’s about it. I guess I have to end it of here. Anyway bye.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Your the teacher

W.A.L.T: Create maths problems for friends to solve.

For some time now, our teacher has let us do a presentation for our friends to solve. The presentation is called "your the teacher". That means my teacher has let my class create a presentation for our friends to solve. they have solved it now its your turn. Write the answer and show me how you worked them out in the comments. Hope you enjoyed my blog post.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Flounder catching

                                                     Catching flounder:                                               
This morning 12 of our Pt England student went out to Pt England beach to catch some baby flounder. We walk down and singed a waiata to the students who were catching the flounder.  After they catch some flounder the flounder will come back and we will look after them until they grow up. They used a really big net to catch the flounder. We put the flounder into a big water tank with sand at the bottom so the flounder won't die. thanks to Kauri Flats School this wouldn't of happend to Pt England School. 

Image result for flounderImage result for flounder



Friday, 8 September 2017

manaiakalani Film festival project

Today we did our film festival project. Our film is about stuff in sloowwww mootiiiooonnn. Like how a water balloon was throw'n at my face.... BUT MY TEACHER WASN'T RECORDING!! My part in the the film was dropping an egg on a mouse trap and a water balloon throw'n. When I dropped the egg on the mouse trap the egg got all over me. hope you enjoyed this post and the other's. bye.