Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Short random writing

One morning I was a homeless lady called Esster and I stayed like that for the rest of my life. At a junkyard collecting what I call treasure. I lived in a 15 cardboard box bedroom. Every morning I wake up to the smell mouldy cheese and rotten bananas. You do not know how much stinky stuff people throw into the bin but luckily I am used to the smell. One day I quickly walked to 15 cardboard box bedroom because I found some choped up wood and 2 packets of matches and 3 canned beans. I thought that it was a good idea but then I thought that it will burn the junkyard down but I said "what the hell i'm hungry". And I did burn the junkyard down. THEY END.

1 comment:

  1. Kia ora, Its Adi. I like your story about this homeless person. I think it is sad how people have to deal with being homeless. I didn't understand the ending but anyway this was a good piece writing.
    What made you choose to be a homeless person for this story?