Wednesday, 12 August 2015

plane crash

WALT: Use adverbs to make our writing exciting.

One day there were 9 men running away from a plane. The plane came from the sky and then it crashed down to the ground. I was watching from the side. The blade from the plane almost cut me. In front of the plane were the 9 men.  
When they looked up into the sky the 9 men     noticed the plane coming towards them. Once it hit the ground it went sliding towards them. While the 9 men were running away the plane was blowing the sand and making the men trip over. When the plane stopped sliding the 9 men took a break and went to see who was flying the plane. In the plane was a dead man shot but when the one of the 9 men went to go see if he was still alive he was. But he died. the End.

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