Thursday, 19 November 2015

athletics day

Friday the 13th of November was athletics day, the day I forgot my clothes for athletics. Once I was at school I didn’t even know it was athletics that day. Then I thought that TE AURERE would win but we didn’t. I will tell you who won at the end.

Later that day the whole school had a meeting at the courts and then it was all about the stuff about athletics. After the meeting the year 5 boys first event was relays and then it was shot put. I wasn't good at it, but my favorite event was high jump and I still suck at it. And then I had to go to the little high jump and do you know what? I still sucked at it a lot. Then the year 5 boys did sprints and man I suck at running and I always came 5th. Even though I came 5th I didn’t get to do the final sprint race.       

My favorite event was discus that one I wasn’t bad at. I was actually pretty good at it. I think that I got past the last line. I think that I did so don’t mock me because I didn’t past the third line. But the events keeped on getting harder and harder. And there was another event that was great one for me it was the soft ball throw I got it really far.

Finally the big race had started it was the same place where sprints were. Te Aurere for red, Hikianalia for yellow, Hinemona for blue and hokule’a for green. BANG it started everyone went sprinting after the race te aurere lost and hinemona won it was just because this tall girl dropped the baton. After athletics I felt like my head fell off when te aurere lost.

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